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Jan. 1st, 2009



Feliz Ano Nuevo

Hope it's awesome for everyone.

Nov. 26th, 2007

Argh, AIM why aren't you working for me?? You're supposed to work in my shiny new system, damn it! The virus is gone! Work! Work, damn you!!!




In order to distract myself from a very shitty week click this!

So what if I can't understand a lick of Swedish, so what if the song almost competed in the Eurovision Song contest (*snerk*), 'tis purty and one of the nicest anime videos I've ever seen. From one of the kewlest anime series I've actually seen in its entirety this century. ;) I miss the money and time I devoted to such things. Woe!


To pay or not to pay...

3:16 am my time and still up. Yep, reading band slash. This could be a problem. :-p

I'm also contemplating getting a paid account again. I'm tired of my 6 icons, to be honest. I miss my big batch of crazy H/D and other stuff that's uploaded here that I can't use. But I don't want any stupid adds with the plus option, so paid is looking mighty fine. I'd have to update LJ more and be around all the LJ comms I'm in, which I haven't done in forever. When I updated earlier, I completely forgot how to do do LJ tags. Had to dig for the lj cut tag. Goes to show how long I was gone from here. That, and tagging an image to the post. Forgot that too.

Maybe a 2 month trial with free piccies? Must think some more on this.

I live. Yes, shocking!

Wow, this looks the same and yet not.

Yes, I live, for those that remember me. No, I really do!

Stuff that's gone on has been... aplenty. Maybe I'll get back to LJing again and actually being electronically alive. We'll see.

P.S. MASSIVE BEAR HUG TO BRI-MIME!!!!!!!!!!! (you knew I wouldn't forget that. Hee hee, dead mime)

Adobe CS

So I get my little FedEx package this afternoon, and I do a happy dance because my Adobe CS 2 is here. All is well.

Cue to now, where it's brought me near to tears. I couldn't stall it all at once because I don't have enough RAM, apparently (I thought 256 was enough, guess not) so I figure, hey, disk by disk is all cool. Yah, right. I entered the serial number for InDesign and it told me it was invalid. Cue screaming. Lather, rinse, repeat - always repeat.

I have to call tomorrow for the support center because if I do it now, off hours, they'll charge me extra (WTF?)

I need to get off the intrawebs stat before I kill stuff.
I think I got screwed over on shipping in an Ebay auction. Scratch that, I know I got screwed over. 8 pairs of earrings and you want $9.70 First Class shipping from PA? Fuck you with a rusty spike, asshat.

I still gotta pay it though. *seething*


I'm gonna be in the paper today!!!!!!!

ARGH. Someone just posted a HUGE HBP spoiler that I just read, and I'm twitchy. ms_le_fey and I are both going OMGWTF????!!!!!

So really...


I'll know in less than 24 hours if it's true. OMG!