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Jan. 1st, 2009

Hamster: fritters (?)


Feliz Ano Nuevo

Hope it's awesome for everyone.

Nov. 26th, 2007

Hamster: fritters (?)
Argh, AIM why aren't you working for me?? You're supposed to work in my shiny new system, damn it! The virus is gone! Work! Work, damn you!!!




Girl: fruce
In order to distract myself from a very shitty week click this!

So what if I can't understand a lick of Swedish, so what if the song almost competed in the Eurovision Song contest (*snerk*), 'tis purty and one of the nicest anime videos I've ever seen. From one of the kewlest anime series I've actually seen in its entirety this century. ;) I miss the money and time I devoted to such things. Woe!


To pay or not to pay...

Ralph SW father: living_force
3:16 am my time and still up. Yep, reading band slash. This could be a problem. :-p

I'm also contemplating getting a paid account again. I'm tired of my 6 icons, to be honest. I miss my big batch of crazy H/D and other stuff that's uploaded here that I can't use. But I don't want any stupid adds with the plus option, so paid is looking mighty fine. I'd have to update LJ more and be around all the LJ comms I'm in, which I haven't done in forever. When I updated earlier, I completely forgot how to do do LJ tags. Had to dig for the lj cut tag. Goes to show how long I was gone from here. That, and tagging an image to the post. Forgot that too.

Maybe a 2 month trial with free piccies? Must think some more on this.

I live. Yes, shocking!

Viggo: gloryliberty
Wow, this looks the same and yet not.

Yes, I live, for those that remember me. No, I really do!

Stuff that's gone on has been... aplenty. Maybe I'll get back to LJing again and actually being electronically alive. We'll see.

P.S. MASSIVE BEAR HUG TO BRI-MIME!!!!!!!!!!! (you knew I wouldn't forget that. Hee hee, dead mime)

Adobe CS

Ralph SW father: living_force
So I get my little FedEx package this afternoon, and I do a happy dance because my Adobe CS 2 is here. All is well.

Cue to now, where it's brought me near to tears. I couldn't stall it all at once because I don't have enough RAM, apparently (I thought 256 was enough, guess not) so I figure, hey, disk by disk is all cool. Yah, right. I entered the serial number for InDesign and it told me it was invalid. Cue screaming. Lather, rinse, repeat - always repeat.

I have to call tomorrow for the support center because if I do it now, off hours, they'll charge me extra (WTF?)

I need to get off the intrawebs stat before I kill stuff.

Aug. 22nd, 2005

Viggo: gloryliberty
I think I got screwed over on shipping in an Ebay auction. Scratch that, I know I got screwed over. 8 pairs of earrings and you want $9.70 First Class shipping from PA? Fuck you with a rusty spike, asshat.

I still gotta pay it though. *seething*


Aug. 13th, 2005

Viggo: gloryliberty
I'm gonna be in the paper today!!!!!!!


Jul. 15th, 2005

Hamster: fritters (?)
ARGH. Someone just posted a HUGE HBP spoiler that I just read, and I'm twitchy. ms_le_fey and I are both going OMGWTF????!!!!!

So really...


I'll know in less than 24 hours if it's true. OMG!


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